What is Lunox?

Lunox is a healthcare-focused bedding company that provides pillows and mattresses designed by healthcare professionals for Malaysians. 

The founders and partners of Lunox are practicing doctors and chiropractors who understand the vital role that sleep and spinal health play in our overall well-being.

Lunox takes an innovative approach by using advanced technologies like full spine x-ray analysis and mattress mapping systems to provide tailored recommendations for pillows and customized mattresses crafted to individual needs, focusing on postural alignment, spinal support, and an enhanced quality of sleep.

Our Mission

Lunox's mission goes beyond the standard focus on mattresses and bedding. Lunox is not just about sleep but about using sleep as a catalyst for broader positive changes in people's lives. This could include improved productivity, creativity, health, and overall well-being, all of which can be influenced by the quality of sleep. By improving how we sleep, Lunox aims to help people reach their full potential and experiencing a brighter, more successful future.

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Core Value
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About Us

Meet our team

Our team will strive to provide you the best operational services as aligned with our business strategies.

D.C. Giselle Chong

Founder, Director, Creative Lead, In-house Chiropractor.

[Bsc. (Hons) of Chiropractic (IMU)]

Dr. Daniel Chia

Founder, Director and Product Manager, and In-house Doctor.


Mr Chia Kai Meng

Business & Finance Consultant, CFO.

Our Story

Our story begins with a chiropractor who had been practicing for several years and had seen many patients suffering from back pain due to poor-quality mattresses. Many of her patients were struggling to choose the right mattress as there were simply too many options available, and it was overwhelming for them. The founder realized that there was a need for a reliable company that could help people choose a mattress that would support their spine while providing comfort.

One day, she met a manufacturer who had been making latex mattresses for two decades. She shared her vision for a healthcare-based bedding company, and the manufacturer was intrigued. He shared his experience in making mattresses, and they quickly realized that they had found the missing piece of the puzzle. They reached a consensus to combine their knowledge and expertise to create a reliable line of bedding products.

Together, they founded Lunox, a company focused on providing doctor-endorsed mattresses for Malaysians who suffered from back pain. They aimed to create a line of high-quality, comfortable, and supportive bedding products that would be tested and chosen with care, giving customers peace of mind that they are getting the sleep they deserve.

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Why Lunox?

What sets us apart is that our brand is founded by practicing doctors and chiropractors, making our commitment to innovative solutions even more compelling. With a deep understanding of spinal health, we ensure that each mattress is meticulously designed to cater to individual spinal needs.

Quality Control

Setting Standards for Quality

With a strict standard operation procedure, each mattress is carefully crafted with precision. Our team of sewing specialists brings years of expertise to ensure that every stitch and layer offers extra comfort and support.

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Premium Material

Locally sourced, made from the finest materials

We use only premium materials in our mattresses. These include our hand-harvested raw latex sap (natural rubber) which is the finest material used in bedding industries.

Made by Chiropractors

Chiropractor-Approved Mattresses for Back Pain Relief

Our expertise and rigorous testing ensure each mattress is a masterpiece of support and relaxation. No matter your spinal needs or age, we have a mattress tailored to deliver the sleep you deserve.

Never Stored or Compressed

Factory Fresh, Made to Order Mattresses

Each mattress is handcrafted upon your order, ensuring you'll never receive a mattress that has been in a storage facility or one that has been compressed in a box.